25 June 2008


On our Saturday in Swansboro, we went and met my cousin and his grandson for breakfast before taking off for a day of kayaking in the intercoastal waterway. The water was so warm and the waterway not too choppy. When we left we were some of the only boats out there. We decided to paddle out to Hammack's state beach park on Bear island. There were these little crabs there that from the water looked like giant ants. They only had one claw as well. We walked around from where we parked our kayak to the state beach, and bathrooms and shade to eat our lunch. On our way back to the kayak place we had a nice peaceful paddle, and then we came across the major thoroughfare of all large boats. We waited for an ideal crossing and then paddled as hard as we could, but one boat wasn't going to give so we had to wait for it to pass in front of us. We had a lot of fun. Then, we went and got some ice cream before going home. We were tired that night for sure. I got 7 bites out on the islands, and figured out a few days later that they were chigger bites....they itch relentlessly.


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