24 July 2008

Baxter State Park

We ended our week of travel by camping in Baxter State park in Maine. It was fun, and we went on great hike up the end of the Appalachian Trail to it's northernmost terminus, Baxter peak. When we pulled into Baxter and into the meadow we would camp in, I said to the guys, "Look, there are bugs following us and we aren't even out of the car yet." They didn't believe me until we stopped the car. There were all sorts of biting insects: midges, deer flies, and luckily the mosquitoes didn't come out until dusk. It was so worth the bugs though, and we put our bug lantern in the lean to where we cooked and hung out so we didn't have to worry about them too much in there. You weren't supposed to hike Baxter unless you had good hiking boots, and we took a chance with my trail runners, but then we came across some ladies in their 60's trying to do the hike and scramble up the rocks in crocs. We're hoping they got down o.k.


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