24 July 2008

Washington DC

We stopped in DC on our way to CT, and it was fun. We stayed at a hotel near the northernmost metro stop and took the metro in. We visited the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress, both of which were very interesting and where we could have stayed for a little while more, and as we walked from them down the mall, we ended up coming across one of T's friends from work. So, we joined up for the day. We went and visited the National Museum of Art, where the treasures of Afghanistan were on display. We wanted to go to the Smithsonian American History museum, but it was under renovation. T's friend wanted to go to the National Archive and see the Declaration of independence, the constitution and the Bill of Rights. It was a long wait with lots of people. Cool, but I don't know that I would do it again to wait in line that long. The writing on the D of I is very, very faint now.

Then, we walked down the mall and looked at monuments, some of which I had never seen before. In fact, I just remembered two I did not put below this post. anyway, we had a good day and ended the day at a burger place, where some guy tried to swindle us out of $20, but we were able to get it back.


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