23 December 2008

Adventure in snow

Today, I had a snow adventure. Here in WA they don't do anything to any road but the main ones and the highway. So, I was able to get out of the parking spot...some nice guy and a friend gave me a good push (I was blocking the whole driveway when I got stuck.) I made it all around town...no chains or sleds or tires available for purchase. Sad... I really want to go sledding, but I'm kind of picky. They didn't even have saucers, which I may have been tempted to purchase if they had any, even though I am not fond of them at all. I would love to get a real sled someday. Anyway, the first time I tried to get home from the grocery store, I got stuck halfway up the hill to the apartment. So, I parked in this lot and walked the groceries up. then, I went and did the rest of my errands...and decided I would try getting up the hill one last time. I made it up...barely, but then it was interesting to get back into a parking space. i am closer to the car next to me than I would like. I''m going to wait until T gets home with our snow chains.


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