06 April 2009


Two weekends ago, we went away for the weekend to a bed and breakfast on the oregon coast. It was so relaxing and fun. The original plan was to bike between the two historic forts on Saturday, but it was so rainy and cold, we decided to drive between them. We are looking forward to going back and biking the dikes and other parts of the roads. We had a nice day. We stayed at the Rosebriar inn and it was a real treat! The food was excellent and the rooms were pleasant and tasteful. As can be seen from the pictures below, the neighboring house is full of potential and would be the perfect setting for a scary haunted house movie. Apparently, some of the people who had stayed in our room before us ended up having bad dreams where the house next door figured in. I just saw all its potential and was kind of sad to see the owners let the house go into neglect like that. WE also drove by the house on goonies and the school where they filmed kindergarten cop. It was a nice weekend.


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