29 December 2009

Mozart's Residence and the Haus der Musik

T is a big Mozart fan, so we covered all the Mozart places in both Vienna and Salzburg. I now know a lot about Mozart and find the life he led to be fascinating. The first picture is of the residence he stayed at the longest in Vienna - two years. I think he moved about every 6-8 months. Must have been hard on his family.

We also went to a hands on music learning museum which was interesting. It took you through how music is made, how and why we can hear it, you get to make some of your own music and then near the end, conduct an orchestra. If you go too fast the orchestra speeds up and vice versa. It was funny. Here's T giving conducting a try.

I also had my wallet stolen on this day. Ugh!! But we were able to cancel everything right away. I do feel kind of lost without it. Thanks for the new wallet for Christmas mom!! I'm glad I brought my old one, now I have one for when we get back!


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