08 July 2008

the fourth of July

T and I were able to go to Colorado for the 4th. We arrived on the 2nd, so I got to see the city where he grew up and we went to a jazz concert outdoors on the 3rd. Early on the 4th, we set off for a backpacking trip in the mountains. We went from Cameron pass through thunder pass, staying in Box Canyon for the night. The next day, we walked out through Lulu city to the main trailhead. The pictures below are in backwards order so you will see the end first. I didn't think ahead. WE have a funny accidental video of me crossing this snow field and almost falling. (I had actually fallen and slid about 5 minutes before that.) I don't know how to put it on here though. We had a great time with his parents and enjoyed getting to be out in the mountains.


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