08 August 2008

Cape Cod

T and I went to Cape Cod last weekend and had a good time. The rain held off until we were eating dinner on Saturday night, so that was nice. It is a beautiful place, albeit a bit touristy in the summer. I was disappointed at first because it wasn't like I thought it would be, but we took the scenic highway off the cape instead of the main one, and it was much more like I thought it would be. I highly recommend that scenic one, because it is pretty, although you may hit more traffic. Anyway, we had fun riding both the Cape Cod rail trail and the Cape Cod Canal trail on our bikes. (although T ran the canal one..about 13 miles or so.) We went to go see the National seashore which was beautiful and experienced Provincetown, the place where the old and new definitely come together. Our campground was nice (it even had showers), and we were right off the rail trail. We had some girls in the site next to us who would go clubbing at night, sleep in and go bike to the beach and start the whole circle over again. Crazy. On Sunday, while we were eating breakfast and packing up, we got to see people riding by on the trail toward the finish of the pan massachusetts bike challenge. They go very fast and are really polite. (They also got up at 4:30am to finish before it could rain more. Dedication.)


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