08 August 2008


We went up to Provincetown for dinner. The AAA guidebooks are pretty good at finding good places to eat. I will admit that I can be a bit picky at times, but there will usually be one that strikes my fancy. This one was down an alley way in a residential part of town, and it took up the basement of an apartment complex, and part of the upper part of the old house turned apartments. The dining room was down some stairs in a low light (but nice) area. The lights at each table were covered by bronze painted colanders, cheese graters or baskets, and instead of dried garlic and such hanging around, there were bottles of chianti with that bamboo or something around them. The food was great! I had a bolonese made the real way with beef, pork and veal (so scrumpious), and T got the veal parmesana with spaghetti. They were excellent, and perfect after our long bike ride.


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