02 October 2008

The Last Night

On our last night in CT, I was awoken to the sound of something over the base PA system. I wasn't sure what it was, and then, it started playing that emergency broadcast sound. As I lay there, I thought through the possible problems that could be warned about. Hurricane, Tornado....and then it came to me...The area we were in gets its power from a nuclear power plant, as do the boats on base. Hmm....so, I woke Todd up, thinking nuclear disaster would be a good reason to be awakened.

As we turned the TV on to find out what natural disaster was occurring, the system started playing morning colors...the Star Spangled Banner...Huh? that didn't seem right, especially when it proceeded into Taps. So, Todd called the front desk. No disaster, no danger, just a faulty system. so, for an hour we heard rounds of the air raid signal, the emergency signal, morning and evening colors, and one other sound we couldn't identify. It made that last night memorable.


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