29 December 2008


Hopefully, I will get some pictures of our Christmas time. We were able to go down on the 24th to see my family and got there in time for an excellent meal at Historic Fort Vancouver. The food was great!! i loved it all except for my pumpkin creme brule. We definitely decided it would be nice to go back next Christmas if we are down there. I still think about that meal. T liked it so much, he ate his steak and half of mine. Whew!

On Christmas day, Mom made us some stuffed french toast before we opened stockings. It was tasty, and we had a nice time and relaxing morning. Then we went to my bro's house and hung out for awhile, and after a tamale lunch, we went sledding with the family. WE had so much fun! I love sledding and am looking forward to getting my own. The girls really liked sledding with Uncle T. We had a snowball fight, which I lost spectacularly. We ended the day with a meal of lamb, potatoes, green beans and delicious dessert. All of the food was so good while we were down there. HOpefully, I can get some pictures to put on here. It was really nice to see family as well. looking forward to going down again!


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