18 May 2009

Day 1 Rancheria Falls

Our first day was an easy hike, not too much uphill and not too far. I think it was about 5 and half miles or so. WE really enjoyed being in the sunshine surrounded by all the beauty around us. There weren't too many bugs yet, and none of the mosquitos were biting. WE were able to go on a smaller hike after we set up camp. This trail was pretty much along the edge of the reservoir for a good long while, and you got to hike by (kind of around) where some big waterfalls fed the reservoir. We got kind of wet then, but it felt good. The trail starts by going across the dam and through a tunnel. We found a deer in the tunnel, and whatever it had found in there it liked. It took much prodding and foot shuffles to even get it to move down the tunnel, and we had to keep making noise for it to keep moving. She was our guide for a while on the trail too for a while, until I think she finally got tired of being followed. T claims that when he was in Yosemite last, he and his friends watched two deer look both ways before crossing the road. Hmm...


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