05 July 2009

Fourth of July

We had a fun 4th of July weekend. We both had most of Friday off and then I had the weekend and T had Saturday. My parent's came up to join us and we took them to Port Townsend to walk around on Friday. We had a picnic out at Fort Worden, which was really nice and some excellent ice cream at the Nifty fifty's diner. We came home and made dinner and just hung out. On the actual 4th, we got together with some friends for a dinner picnic and had fun just hanging out at a local park, grilling bratwurst and chicken and eating mom's wonderful side dishes. We came home and set off our first fireworks ever, this being the wettest place we have ever lived in. It was fun!! My favorite was this sparkling fountain one that was beautiful to watch. Hopefully our neighbors weren't too irritated with us, but we think next year we will do it in a parking lot somewhere. Mom and Dad and I played three rounds of a card game we like called Five Crowns, and we each won a full game. (It has 13 rounds to a game, but they go by really fast.) Dad fixed some problems we were having with our computer connection since upgrading to vista (thanks dad!!) and Mom sewed on a button to T's uniform better than either of us could have done it. (Thanks mom!!) all in all a great weekend, and i am wishing I did not have to go back to work tomorrow. I forgot to get pics from Dad, so they will be posted much later.


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