18 March 2006

Exercise Thoughts

No I'm not talking about use your mind and give it exercise, but there are so things to consider coming up, but first.....Note lint traps entry below....yep, it happened again. I now know that whoever used the dryer before me dried both red and blue clothing together as evidenced by the pink overall color to the lint and the blue fabric balls trapped in the pink....yuck. OK. So, I had a fun day with one on my coworkers. After working a full day, we decided to go bike riding (I haven't gone hard core riding in something like 4 years or so, since Sweden.) I have a beach cruiser, it's beautiful; you know one speed, back brakes etc, and she and her sister ride mountain bikes with 21 speed options or something. (My seat though is the big cushy kind and they have those hard, narrow ones.) Anyway, pride would not let me think about anything but keeping up with them. It was a fun ride, long with a gigantic hill at one point, and uphill and fighting an extremely strong headwind on the way back. I wasn't sure I was going to make it to tell you the truth, but I did. Then, we decided to get Japanese food and clocked the ride on the way back.....10 miles!!! Now, here's the tip. When you are out of shape on a bike and ride again, try not to do it when you live on the 3rd floor of an apartment complex. It doesn't hurt much yet, but I'm thinking tomorrow might be killer. (I also had to do laundry tonight which is on the bottom floor so I'm getting more exercise.) I had a great time though and have no doubt I'm going to sleep really well.


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