30 August 2006

What do you think?

All right, now, who can tell me what the names of these two plants are? Hmm..i'll tell you later, and no neither of them have been stolen from my house recently.

At work, we just finished one of our busiest weeks in the year, and it includes hiring a bunch of part timers and culinary students come down to get experience. It is with great embarrassment that I relate an incident from someone who came out of my alma mater for culinary. Granted, she did the baking and pastry, but I know basic foods is involved in that, adn there is a whole test on identifying common herbs laid out on a table. I was only at the tent for two days of the week, but had a few laughs. In one, my supervisor asked a student to go get some basil. About 10 minutes later, the student is standing there with some herbs in her hand behind us, when my supervisor looks around and very politely says that she wanted basil not oregano. I glanced at what the student had, and sure enough, it was oregano. Once she had gone back into the walkin, I traded glances with my supervisor and laughed. If you don't know the difference, I wouldn't laugh at you though, unless of course you had graduated from a culinary program.

Another student story occurred that night after we had finished with the parties we were serving. I came back to the tent and watched as it took 5 students to wrap up a cart with plastic wrap (it normally only takes tw0) and then they started hydraulic lifting it before they were finished. I just kind of shook my head (they were almost done and nothing I could do to help) and I looked at one of my normal coworkers, nodded my head toward them and asked, "how many students does it take to wrap a cart?" He looked and we both kind of laughed. I know, sorry, I can be a bit heartless and i'm sure I've done things lacking in common sense. (Especially since I had taught them earlier how to wrap up a cart.)

Ah...at least it provided some amusing moments in our day, and we really couldn't have done it without the students.


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