04 August 2006

Adventure Hiking

So this last week has been crazy. The resort I work for had a buy out for the week, 450 people, and banquets served breakfast, lunch and dinner to them most of the days. I think in a five day span, our shortest day was 10 hours and our longest 14. We had a lot of fun and were working at top speed as much as possible. So, today was my day off for the week, and one would think that maybe I would just sit around all day, but instead I went and did what I shall call adventure hiking.

There is alot of hiking around this area, both in the hills and at the beach. So, a friend and I decided to go out and hike the bluffs and end up at a local beach. We had so much fun. Getting to the beach was normal hiking pretty much, except we thought maybe we missed the turn to the beach trail, so we went back to what looked like a trail...that only lasted a bit. By then, it was kind of have to keep going, so we off roaded a bit. (have I mentioned my aversion to ticks?) We got to the last stretch of the downhill, and were at the top of a large sand slope, for lack of a better term. So, what did we do? Oh yes, we "skiied" down... very fun, wish I had a snowboard.

After eating lunch on the beach while watching the seals play in the water, we decided that we should find the trail to go back. I should mention at this point that the tide had started coming in. We saw these ladies go the opposite way down the beach from the trail we knew about, so we figured there must be another way out down the beach. As we passed the ladies, they said that there wasn't another trail, but we kept going anyway, you know, to see for ourselves. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to describe this well. The shoreline was cliffs with some rocks jutting out with some deeper beaches, kind of an in and out shoreline with the rocks. So, I said I thought we could make it to this path like thing half way up one of the rocks a few "beaches" down. So, we took our shoes and socks off, I rolled up my jeans (I would normally wear shorts, but I was told that the ticks were plenty enough to wear pants), and we got ready to run for it on one of the lapses in tide. Umm...I went second and didn't get up on the rocks in time, and got drenched to the waist. Totally laughing of course and giving my friend a hard time. (Not to fret, we were both wet by the end of the adventure.) Then, we rock climbed up some rocks and down and timed our running across other short beaches to try not to be too wet. Well, it kind of worked until we were on one of those rocks where the wave flumes as it hits.....I was again going second, fyi. Well, my friend jumped off the rock just as a wave hit and it flumed completely over my head.. it really would have made a good picture, and it makes me laugh writing this. So, figuring that the second person seemed to always being the one to get wet, at the next spot where we had to time running with the backwash of the waves, I said I got to go first because every time I went second, I got wet. Well, as we were sprinting across, I saw a wave coming, knew there was no way to beat it and scrambled onto a rock, getting only a little wet, but my friend getting kind of wet. Anyway, we ended up walking along the beach to the trail head eventually, but it was such a fun way to spend the day. I'm still trying to figure out how I convinced my friend to go that way, but it was so much more fun than just hiking a trail.

I should probably mention a few more things. First, don't get stuck on shoal on a drop off....it is awkward and can cause a few scrapes. (Actually, I was doing well until my foothold fell off the drop, and not to fret, my friend said, "I told you no falling and getting hurt.) Second, don't walk long distances in wet, sandy jeans. I have a few spots on my inner thighs were I got rubbed. Best of all, ice cream is a great idea after an adventure like this. Can't wait to have another one. I don't think I've had that much fun in a long time, and that shower sure felt good!


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