13 June 2006

Lawn Statuary

I walked to work today through the forest, which is always a delightful experience. There are a myriad of trails to choose from so every walk is like a choose your own adventure book. It is really alot of fun. Today, on my way home, I was gawking at houses on my way home, and came across a lawn that had a lawn ornament of a very realistic looking deer. That is when the deer's head moved and looked straight at me. Very realistic lawn ornament since it was alive. As I passed by, I looked at it and behind the doe was a little fawn, still with spots, that was feeding on the houses topiary. A bit farther on, I had stopped looking at houses and was deep in contemplation about what I was going to buy at farmer's market tonight, when a scuffling sound made my head jerk up. To my amusement, there were two more deer eating the lawn of some of the condos. Then, while cutting across the parking lot at the back of a local shopping center, I saw another doe and her fawn. What a great way to enjoy a walk!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the target of 'deer statuary" it is a challenge to find plants and shrubs they don't like to snack on!

1:23 PM  

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