28 May 2006

Things People Say

Yet again, the radioisms speak from work. This time we were listening to a station where the DJ decided that it would be a good day to have an English vocabulary lesson. Meaning that people could call in and give unusual words or their favorite words. Hmm. She then shared that they were eating cheesecake in the studio (making many listeners jealous of that graham cracker crust) and she says, "This cheesecake is contagious." After correcting her vocabulary (I think she was going for addictive), I laughed a lot. Later on, I tried to figure out if there was anyway a cheesecake could be contagious (have to think of something at work), and figured maybe if there was a food fight, one could use that term, but it seemed a bit of a stretch. Dad thought maybe if the cheesecake had some sort of fungus it could be catching, but I don't know. Anyway, watch out for the words you use, that you actually know what they mean. (My brother used to make us go look up words in the dictionary if we used them and couldn't tell him what they meant.)

The other thing I heard yesterday was in the bookstore. My friend and I are looking at magazines and these three guys walk by us, maybe seniors in high school or in early college. Here is what one of them said. "Are we ready to get out of the bookstore? I'm bored. I don't know how to read anyway." I laughed after they left the store, although maybe I shouldn't have if it was indeed true that he could not read.


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