13 May 2006

An Attempt

This is an attempt to put into words my current favorite thing to do, especially when it is sunny. I have no clue what genre it is except maybe prose poetry, or just writing with interesting spacing. I attempted to put in a picture, but don't think it worked. Hope you enjoy.

It calls
Beckoning me near
prompting me to follow
The murmurs I can't resist.
It salutes hello
With a crashing plume
on rock near the shore.
How can I withstand
the seductive waves on the shore,
And the peace of the Creator,
Coursing through
The deep inner part of my heart.
Calming the restlessness.
The wild, untamed part of my heart.
Full of energy and the chance to live.
I sit transfixed.
Watching the writhing sea.
Breathing in salty spray,
As the mist caresses my face.
It is these moments of calm,
Peace from the Creator
Given only through nature,
That helps draw me to the shore.
I pull myself away,
Blocking the seduction.
Waves calling,
Beckoning me to stay.
I turn my back.
Returning home with peace.
The restlessness at bay,
Until the beckoning calls me again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prose or poetry, I like it. It makes me think of times I have spent at the sea.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Dawn M said...

Thank you. I hope you get to spend many more times at the sea.

9:37 PM  

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