29 April 2006

An Interesting Week

Well, the week is almost over and it has been an interesting one. I have given up hope of anyone ever cleaning the lint trap in the dryer, so you will never be subject to another diatribe on that one. My day of mishaps at work written about earlier - did I happen to mention I spilled a bunch of water in another walk in that day too that I had to clean up. Oh well. My boss got electrocuted this week at work, and he's out now for three days or something because his heart keeps skipping beats. I felt bad for him. (It's his 6th time at work being electrocuted or something like that.) I'd say a joke about his magnetic personality, but I don't think it would be appreciated. Yesterday, I got nailed in the head with a 6 inch hotel pan full of cheese, but only suffered a bruise on my finger where the pan eventually landed. Good thing I'm hard headed, eh? We laughed a lot at work yesterday. Ok. Enough rambling. Hope you are all doing well.


Anonymous Amy W. said...

I honestly never knew you were a bit of a klutz! I wouldn't expect this of you even a little bit. But, maybe you're not, and it's just a fluke of repetition that keeps happening. Either way, I'm sorry about your mishaps.

Hey, we continue to pray for you. We've also been in a lot of prayer for your dad these days. We love your parents!!!

2:41 PM  
Blogger Dawn M said...

Thanks! I love my parents too. I am indeed a bit of a klutz, but try to hide it well. I miss you guys and am hoping to call you soon or come up to visit. There is a lot happening up there!

12:05 PM  

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