26 April 2006

A Day of Mishaps

Today is one of those days one can look back on and laugh, now that it is over. We are having a very busy week at work, and I was going as fast as I could to get my prep list done. As usual, when under time constraints, klutziness wins again. First, I dropped a basket of blueberries in the hall and by the time I found a broom and swept it up, I had lost 5 minutes. (In this job, every minute counts.) Then, at the very end of my shift, we're talking I'm one minute past when I should be clocking out, I knock over this lexan with ice and water in the walk in refridgerator. Quite a puddle, and when I came back from the search for a mop (I had to go to the other side of the building) the puddle had seeped under the door and out into the room I work in. Yikes!! Not to worry though, I cleaned it up on my own time (I couldn't rationalize them paying me for my own lack of grace at times.) Ah well, another day in the life.
PS. If refridgerator is spelled wrong, the spell check didn't give me anything close to the word. Sorry


Anonymous Amy W. said...


I had this strange dream with you in it last night. We were traveling together (not sure where or why), and you had a big basket of Cadbury Eggs. You LOVED them and I challenged you on it, by pointing out that you aren't such a big chocolate fan. But you ignored me, and continued to eat them- one after the other. Then, for some reason, we were looking out over the New York skyline and you were explaining to me the best ways to use olive oil. Yeah...very bizarre!

10:01 AM  
Blogger Dawn M said...

Wow! Very bizarre dream for sure. It made me laugh a lot though. I can't imagine ever liking cadbury eggs, but there is always a chance. Thanks for the spelling-knew something was wrong!

11:04 AM  

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