10 April 2006

An Ah Ha Moment

So, as weird as it may sound, I recently started listening to the country station. I seem to go through phases. There is this one song that every time I hear it I think "Wow, this guys sounds just like Kenny Rogers. That's crazy!" Well, tonight, while helping with a service project for the senior citizens at a friend's house, we were watching the CMT music awards. I mentioned that there was a song where the guys sounds just like Kenny Rogers, but couldn't tell them the name of the song. Then, wouldn't you know it, Kenny Rogers is on the screen being interviewed ( I thought he was dead, but he obviously wasn't.) Then, they ask about his new song, which ends up being the one I was talking about earlier. AH HA! Kind of embarrassing though. Oh well.


Blogger L said...

I still love that movie. I can also still quote most of it.

7:36 PM  

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