08 May 2006


This weekend I went back to my alma mater for a reunion for one of the clubs I was involved in. It was so much fun to be back in the town and see friends that I've lost touch with, but wanted to contact. It was great to see everyone and spend time catching up, but I was so tired by the end of it. One of the staff on campus when I attended school there, spoke about living life after college away from the Christian community that we had there. It is not easy to be a light always in the workplace, especially after being there for several years. Anyway, he made a great analogy. You know when you watch a movie like, remember the Titans, Rudy or Hoosiers and at the end they tell you what the people went on to do, and eventually you get to one player who has gone nowhere in life, in spite of the potential that was there. Be a person that can continue to perservere through life no matter what happens while reaching the potential God has for you in Him. It was something like that, and it doesn't give the quote justice, but hopefully you get the picture.
We also got to have a time of worship with the guy who used to lead it. He just released a CD so if you want to hear what it sounds like go to this site.
It was fun, but I was so tired from talking to so many people (definitely not an extrovert) that I pulled over on my drive back home to take a nap. Sad but true.


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