05 May 2006

A Poll

Ok, so at lunch the other day, I was catching up on my Sunday comics, while two coworkers were talking at the table. There were some really funny ones, and in the tradition of my family, some of them were laugh out loud funny. My coworkers just gave me funny looks, and I asked if they laughed when they were reading the comics. To my surprise, they both told me they never read them, even as kids. Something about it taking too much thought and not really getting the jokes. I was flabbergasted that there are people who don't read the comics. So, here's my question on the poll. 1) Did (do) you read the Sunday comics and 2) Do they make you laugh?


Anonymous Amy W. said...

I used to read the Sunday comics, but now I don't take a paper. If I did take the paper, I would still read the comics. However, I don't think I ever laugh out loud. I am not an easy person to make laugh. Usually, if something is funny, my response is "that's funny", but I don't laugh.

3:12 PM  
Blogger Dawn M said...

Interesting...glad to hear you read them when you can though!

8:57 PM  

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