13 June 2006

The Neighbors

I can actually say that I am happy with my neighbors, and considering I live in an apartment complex that is saying something. I think maybe we all have different schedules. Who knows. BUT one of my neighbors appears to be a thief. I was out watering my "garden" yesterday (consisting of plants outside my front door) when I realized something looked funny. After a moment of thought, I realized someone stole my beautiful, healthy oregano plant, and I had only gotten to use it's bountiful leaves once. AH!!! The interesting thing is, someone really has to go out of the way to take it because I am on the top floor and there is barely any traffic by the door. Maybe it was the people in the complex across the way. I guess my herbs must live inside now. Sigh.

In other news, I woke up early today and went running while it was low tide. Not that the tide bothers my run even remotely, but it does make all the seals get in the water. At one point, I had a seal keeping pace with me while it was swimming. Pretty cool!


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