11 June 2006

Local News

There are some really fun things that come from living in a small town, especially with its own newspaper. One of my favorite sections is called hometown capers. This is an example of some things that happen in my town.
"Traffic Cones- An officer was dispatched to check on a report of a man throwing rocks onto one of the streets. It turned out the man was throwing pine cones onto the roadway from an island in the middle of the street. He said he wanted cars to run over the cones so they would smash up and make a mess. Police transported the man to his home."

"You've got to know when to Fold them. Officers responded to a report of battery from a man who complained that he had been grabbed by the front of his shirt and physically removed from a poker game. The man could not recall what led up to the incident. Both grabber and grabbed were advised to discuss the matter later, when they were sober."


Blogger L said...

The Japanese maple picture I took with my camera.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Dawn M said...

Wow, nice job! How do you like the news around here?

7:49 PM  

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