30 May 2006

Memorial Day

I had a great memorial day, especially because it was a day off. After breakfasting with a friend and then going for a 10 mile bike ride, I spent some time at the beach doing my Greek homework, did a little shopping for clothes for a wedding, visited the local lighthouse (more on that later), and finally in tribute to those who have served our country and given up everything, I went to the local cemetery to pay my respects and pray for our soldiers, sailors and airmen currently deployed abroad. As I was walking through the cemetery, I came across the graves of 6 brothers and one of their wives. It took a moment to work out the relationships, but it was amazing. All six had served in one of the world wars, 3 in navy and 3 in army. The two oldest served in World War I according to the stones, and the 4 younger in World War II. The crazy thing is that all of them survived to an age of at least 80 except for one of the middle brothers, who died in 1945 in the army, I'm guessing at one of the battles. What a testimony of love and support for a nation; a whole family. It was incredible.


Blogger L said...

YOu still have my old blog on your website.....

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Blogger Dawn M said...

I know, I'm going to change it tomorrow. Sorry!

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