04 August 2006


About a week ago, although it feels longer, I had some guys from Germany come and stay with me for a few days. I actually did not know them, but they were friends of a friend, so why not. have I mentioned I'm shy? Actually, it ended up being kind of fun. I went and picked them up after work one day, and my days off fell pretty much while they were here. I'm going to say that maybe their visit here was their most boring spot, but I think maybe they needed a little break from constant interaction with people, host families and doing things. I can now officially say I have spent a whole day at my apartment, which I'm not sure I could say before this. As they were catching up on emails and post cards, I started going a little stir crazy, so I went running, got groceries for dinner and went out and got a paper. They ended up being encouraging to me as well.

One of the fun things was helping them with their English, one in particular. I forgot how much I enjoy it. I wish I could remember some of the funny things said, but I can't. I was reminded of how different Americans can be. These guys made me laugh. They shared bags, toothpaste, wrote each other's emails at times, shared a journal about the trip....I goes on. For some reason it really tickled me, and we had a lot of jokes about this trip being practice for marriage some day. Really fun, and I actually cooked most of our meals, also fun. I forgot how much guys can eat!


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