21 April 2008

Cypress Gardens

Last week, T and I had the same day off, and decided to go to a local place called Cypress Gardens. It was so neat! We went into the butterfly house, and visited the tortoises and crocodiles. There was an aquarium, but I will admit that I was spoiled living in Monterey. There also a lake that you can go row around with in a row boat. T and I took one out and saw waterlilies, lots of turtles and a baby alligator. We rowed under two bridges, and then went for a walk around the lake. There are 4.5 miles of trails out there, and we didn't scratch much of the surface of them. We are looking forward to coming back. We even bought a year pass, because it was so nice there and I could go there at some point and read or journal. It is fairly safe<> i just somehow locked the period key in uppercase> sorry


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