31 March 2008

Hockey game

On Saturday, T and I went to the last game of the season of the minor league hockey team in town. When we got there, I realized both teams were from South Carolina....of all places to find not just one but 2 ice hockey teams...only to find out that there is a third team awaiting their stadium to be built and then there will be 3 of them...in the south. Not what one expects to find. Anyway, it was a really good game, the last regular season game. It was fun!! Both teams were really good, and we were able to tie it up in the last period in the last 42 seconds by taking the goalie out. Crazy!! Anyway, the local team was the first to get a goal in overtime, so we won!!
Our original seats were right in the middle of a crowd. The two guys in front of us were yelling not very nice things at the other team's goalie, and the two ladies behind us take minor league hockey way too seriously. So, T and I moved to a more deserted area of the seating and enjoyed the game so much more. Too bad the season is over or I would love to go to another game. Oh well. I hear minor league soccer starts here soon and I am looking forward to going to one of those games.


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