26 February 2008

A job

Well, I have now worked three days at my new job. I am working 25-30 hours/week for a local country club bar and grill. I think I like it, but it is very different than what I have done in the past. Not only am I the only cook, I am also the steward, so I do dishes and sweep and mop the floor. It actually helps to keep me from being bored sometimes, on the slow days. I am also helping with the Wednesday and Friday night dinner menus, which is a new thing for me as well. I think I have my first ones done. I'm slightly nervous since it is just me, and I think maybe they set some high expectations of me, but I hope I just do alright and don't burn anything or make stuff too salty or some bizarre thing like that. I will keep you updated on how i like it. The people I work with are really fun and friendly. And I yet again have free golf. It makes me think I should be a little more serious about learning...I wonder if I could just play 9 holes and that is it. That is the length of my attention span. Maybe I will just go out to the driving range and hope I don't look too bad.


Blogger mikalatos said...

remember the cure for too salty is to add vinegar, the cured for burned is a 'do over' (smile) love you, mom

2:28 PM  

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