29 January 2008


If you ever at in Kauai and want to go snorkeling, look up kauai sea riders and Capt. Tara. She takes people out on a zodiac to go snorkeling, and her mate that day was Junior. She is a marine biologist, and he is a local. We had so much fun! We saw about 6 different pods of humpback whales on the way to our first site. I've snorkeled before, but the water was really rough that day and the place we went had about 5 currents coming in all at once, I'm and o.k. swimmer but definitely had some trouble. So I had to hang onto the boogy board she brings. IT really helped and I still got to see lots of things. T had a lot of fun. I have rarely seen him that happy. On the way to our second site to snorkel with the turtles, the engine failed, and I hate to say it, I got so seasick. I kept my breakfast, but I did not feel well at all. By the time help came, everyone was feeling a little sick. Back on shore, we had a tasty catered lunch. We are supposed to get some pictures emailed to us and if we do, I will post them up.


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