29 January 2008

Waimea Canyon

The following day, we went hiking up in Waimea Canyon. It is amazing out there. The trail again was extremely muddy (I misstepped a few times and got red mud everywhere.) This was the best marked trail we hiked. The hiking is not hard in Kauai, but on some of them, even knowing how to read the map and contours, you can miss the trail. There were muddy parts of the trail, and then they had created a boardwalk to keep you out of some of the mud, and at the top, out of the swamp. I think our hike that day was 12 miles. The pictures are of the trail and the steepness and muddiness, but it doesn't really come across in the pictures as it does in person. We stopped for dinner at this great local pizza place, Brick Oven Pizza, and had a great dinner.


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