14 January 2008


O.K. Moving across town is no big deal, even moving a few hours away or to college, not really a big deal. Moving everything you own across the country...completely different story.

T's family and my parents came out on the 1st to help with all the things that needed to be done before we got married. They met each other that night for the first time. We went to our favorite Mexican food place and had a good time.

I definitely could not have moved without all the help from both families. It was fun! We rented a 10' uhaul, and carried all my belongings down 3 flights of stairs (no elevator) and, like tetris, puzzle pieced it in. Then, they let me drive the uhaul the hour and a half to the terminal where we loaded my stuff up into the back half of a semi truck. It was interesting to drive. When we stopped for lunch at in n out, T's brother in law said, "You drive that truck pretty aggressively." It made me laugh and I figure if I could drive 65 then everyone else should be able to as well, I was only going the speed limit. The other advantage of being stuck in the car is that T and I were able to get a lot of business calls we needed to make out of the way. (T did it, not me since I was driving.)

We turned in the u haul up in the city and then I promptly fell asleep in the back seat the whole way home. Thank you everyone for your help!


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