14 January 2008

Rehearsal dinner

So, a few days before the wedding, the biggest storm California has seen in years hit the coast hard. The area I lived in has lots of power outages and fallen tree limbs, so electricity went off all over the town. We weren't even sure that we were going to be able to a dinner, because most places can not even serve salad if there is no electricity. We had a few back-up plans, but thankfully, we didn't have to use them.

We started off the morning with our breakfast buddies, trying out a new place, which lost power half way through breakfast, but all their stuff worked on gas and they had lots of natural light. Then, T and his good friend, C, took me to an appointment and to pick up pictures, but it took longer than usual because tree branches kept falling in different roads, blocking them and creating lots of traffic.

My sister came down in time to go to the manicure and pedicure, neither of which I had ever done before, and I'm not sure I would do again, but it did look great for the wedding. The pedicure....I wouldn't let her take off anything with the pumice stone (we are planning to do a lot of hiking on our honeymoon), but let me tell you; getting toe nails filed is one of the most ticklish things I have ever had done. I was sitting in the salon (which had no power by the way, but very large windows with natural light) giggling away. Things did go a little bit long because there was no way to dry the nails except with just sitting and waiting (no little heat things.)
So, I ended up late to the rehearsal, but at least I wasn't the only one.

The rehearsal was funny. T's 6' something brother in law stood in for his wife who wasn't coming into town until later that evening, so two of the guys walked down the aisle together and we had a lot of fun with that. My good friend, J, came up from down south and she kept my neices very entertained. Rehearsals don't take too long thankfully.

Our dinner was at the Navy golf course in town, and it was a lot of fun. Family, good friends, and good food! We had fajitas and veggies and fruit. The dessert was all chocolate so there were many happy people. The kids all got to run around and it was just fun!

Afterwards, family came and gathered in my hotel room to spend some time together before the next day's events. It was fun!


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