29 January 2008

The Kalalau Trail

Our first day in Hawaii, we spent getting the lay of the land and figuring out what we wanted to do and finding how to call and do it. We also went and got a permit so that we could go farther than 2 miles in the trail. We had a fun hike. We went 7 miles in, so 14 miles total. It was kind of muddy and the red dirt got everywhere, but it was worth it. We let our jet lag work in our favor and got an early start so we could drive to the trail head and take our time. The Na Pali coast is so beautiful. When we returned to the car, people were like vultures looking for a parking spot. I started feeling a little bit hunted, but we were able to give our spot to a really nice lady and her mom. The weather the whole week was great. Maybe around 70 degrees without too much humidity.


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