29 January 2008

The last day

We spent our last day doing two really fun things. My executive chef had told me about a noodle place in Lihue...hard to find, but worth it. We went and found it and had one of the best meals I've had. It was just us and the locals....cheap and good. It was a simple menu, and the cook knew what you ordered by the color and size of the bowl sitting on the counter. Pretty cool!

That night we went on a sunset dinner cruise to the Na Pali coast making so we had gone completely around the island. They loaded us up on a catamaran, and we saw humpback whales, bottle nose dolphins, spinner dolphins and a beautiful sunset. I took this stuff so I wouldn't get seasick and it lasted almost the whole time, and I even ate dinner. I don't think my stomach was completely recovered from the day before though. I didn't feel all that well when we got home. Anyway, the trip was fun with good food and the staff was excellent. We met a couple in town for a conference and had a good talk with them. It was a great way to spend our last day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving all the blog info about your Hawaii trip and the great pictures from there and graduation, etc. It makes me miss you a little less when I can read and see what you two are up to!

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