14 March 2008

Unexpected visitor

I was in a dead sleep last night, the really, really deep one that you aren't supposed to wake people out of if you can help it (ironically, I was having a really intense not the best dream too.) T was sound asleep as well. My dream had me and my sister escaping from people trying to keep us hostage. Just as she took out her guy, I jumped up and used the window ledge to swing both my feet into my assailant, causing her to crash into a glass set of shelves. Just as I landed back on the ground, I was awaken from this dream by a pounding on our front door. T just jumped up and was on his feet so fast. it literally had startled him completely awake. Ends up someone had called and said they had heard yelling from Our apartment, the exact number, and the police came out to investigate. I definitely sounded and looked like I had been asleep. I told T I should have told them about what I had heard from our bathroom the night of our birthday. Some guy was stomping around, yelling for someone named Jennifer and slamming doors. Sounded right outside our apartment, but I think it may have been underneath or across the hall and connected to the sound by one of the pipes. don't know, but I told T and he said he hoped someone wasn't really in trouble and they came to the wrong apartment. It definitely took awhile to go back to sleep from that wake up call. (Are police officers taught to knock that hard, or is it a natural knowledge to pound like that?)


Blogger mikalatos said...

If the person they've come to talk with is drunk or high with a 2 and 1/2 second attention span then you have to give the authoritative knock so they'll come see who's at the door. Same would be true for a domestic dispute going on. People screaming at each other just don't hear outside distractions. It can also give the officers the 'authority' edge cause anyone who knocks that hard must have the authority to do it. Think about why you knock the way you do the next time you knock on someone's door. Do you knock to let someone inside know you wish to see/talk with them or do you knock with the intention of demanding their attention?

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Blogger Dawn M said...

Excellent point

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