14 August 2008

New Bike

This is my new bike. It is really nice, and I really like it. It is only a 16" frame, so it fits my back and shoulders and arms really well. I've never had a bike that truly fit, except for maybe in my youth as a kid. It rides really well. The only disappointment was that I ran over some kind of thorn on my first ride, but the good is that I learned how to change and patch and inner tube. Hopefully, I won't have to do that again for a while, but who knows. I'm not sure the color will come out in the picture. It is maroon and "pearl" and much better colors than any of the other women's bikes. (I can also carry this one down and up stairs better than my last, because it is a little lighter.) It also has great shocks in the front. I put a picture of it next to T's bike too, so you can get a little bit of an idea about it's size.


Blogger mik said...

I'm liking the new bike. Looks very appropriate for you and of course, I like the colors! Have fun. Mom

8:09 AM  
Blogger Dawn M said...

Thanks mom!! I have really been enjoying it, except that it doesnt have that nice cushy seat my old one has, but I think my rear will get used to it (I hope)

7:24 AM  

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