02 October 2008

The Cross Country Drive

Our drive to Colorado was beautiful. We missed an exit or two in the couple of days, but it all worked out. Pennsylvania was beautiful...there were swaths of trees turning color for the fall, and it stopped raining once we got to Ohio I think.

We took some time to visit T's grandma, who has Alzheimers and is living outside of Chicago in a care home. It was an adventure. We had a good visit, but as we left, we asked one of the workers to get us into the elevator. It is a locked ward, so to get there one must have keys or codes. A guy was in a shuffle wheelchair and when he heard us, he started shuffling as fast as he could toward the elevator. Then, I was startled when something brushed my hand and I jumped. It was a little old lady who also wanted to escape, and she grabbed onto my arm as best she could with the little coherence she had. I told the orderly it looked like he had a couple of escapees, and he took care of it. It was a little sad though.

We have also decided that Nebraska is way more interesting to drive through than Kansas, and it might have helped that we only had to go through the short bottom portion to get into Colorado.


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