05 July 2009

New Bike!!

We purchased an exciting new addition this week. We bought me a great new road bike, my first ever. It has taken a while to decide that I wanted to try this kind of biking and it is fun. So very different from mountain biking. I am not super confident in road biking yet, but I am learning and have only been out on it twice so far. I rode home from work on Thursday, and on Saturday we rode 9 miles to the neighboring town where mom and dad picked me up while T continued on to a much longer ride. It is like learning a whole new way to ride. The bike is so light that at one point I was going down a hill with a cross breeze and I could actually feel the bike being buffeted by the wind. I will admit to a little nervousness about that one, but nothing happened. It definitely does not take as much energy to ride a road bike as to ride a mountain bike, although both are fun. Our only current problem is fitting the four bikes into the apartment. We have found a way that works currently. Anyway, here is to more fun on a new bike!!


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