30 August 2006

Something new

I know, for those who know me well, What happened? Ι ακτυαlly went and got a new, used car, and about freaked out from buying something that expensive, but it was time. My little car Princess was ready to retire. Now I have a four door 2002 honda accord. (I like those Hondas!) It is actually forest green, and no I haven't named it yet. I looked at it and suddenly thought that it is a very adult car. My parents were with me and I looked at my mom and asked if that meant I had to start acting more adult. She said yes...sigh. Anyway, it has everything I wanted including a tape deck and CD player, sunroof and four doors! By the way, actually is spelled funny above because I accidentally switched on the Greek keyboard and thought I could finish this entry without changing the text, but there were to many letters not there, so I had to go out and find how to switch it back since I forgot how to do it. Oh well. Maybe one day I'll write something in Greek for you if you want.


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