01 June 2007

Culinary Capers

Well, it has been awhile since I have given a good, kind of gross, story about work. WE have been busy needless to say, but the other night, when I was frying artichokes.....well, a few of them splattered hot oil on my skin. Now, if I may say, anyone who tried to take a castle in the olden days and had hot oil poured on them....I pity the pain and blisters. Needless to say, I knew that one of the oil spots was big enough to leave a mark, which it did, no big deal. Well, when I was showing my burn to someone the next day, they didn't notice the one I wanted to show them, but one I didn't know about that had become a blister, so I didn't even know it was there because it didn't hurt. Well, it didn't hurt until last night when I rubbed it against something and the blister popped. All of a sudden, my arm was wet and then I realized what had happened. Oh well, I will live and it is a good thing I have my very own aloe vera plant.
It must have been a bad day for hot items, because that same night, I was helping clean up the hot food side of the kitchen, so I turned off the hot water well we keep sauces in, and flipped the drain so the water could run out. I think it must be the only drain in the whole kitchen that does not drain straight down, but kind of shoots out the hot water. I know you can see what is coming. My foot was right where the water shoots out, and if I may say, that water was hot. I yanked my shoe off to help keep the water from soaking in too far, and came away with no burns or anything, thankfully. So, I think that is enough culinary mishaps for a while, and hope I don't need to do another entry on them any time soon.


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