01 June 2007

Memorial Day

O.k. I may be about a week late, but I did want to thank all of the people who have and are serving our country to protect our freedom and to hopefully provide freedom to other's in the world. I attend a chapel run by the army, and they had a wonderful video tribute to all the men and women who have fallen in service to our country. There was one image in particular that was striking to me, and I have tried to find one similar, but have been unable to. These images come close. The most striking picture was one of a group of soldiers on one knee paying their respects to a fallen comrade with the memorial being his gun stuck upright in the ground with his helmet on top. As I read in the news how people are returning from this war and the affects it has had on them, I can only pray that each one will take time to seek help to deal with all they have seen and gone through in their tours of duty.


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