26 March 2007

Birthday dinner

For dinner, on the actual night of my birthday, my two closer friends in the area made me dinner and my traditional birthday cake of funfetti. Ah, it doesn't get much better than hanging out with friends, eating lamb spaghetti ( a definite favorite of mine) and then roasting marshmallows over a wood fire in the charcoal grill. Such a nice evening! Just what I would have wanted, and low key with hardly any red face inducing attention.

Talking about being embarrassed....the guys at work did a good job of it. We were plating up a dinner the night after I returned from my trip, and one of the guys decided everyone in the kitchen should sing happy birthday to me, including all of the guys from stewarding. I turned so red (but so did the guy who instigated it.) I think maybe he was not ready for me to turn quite so red and so he did too. Nice to know people care.


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