02 February 2007

Japanese Tea Garden

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit a japanese tea garden. It was so beautiful, and once I understood that all of the plants, rocks and even gravel symbolized something, the imagination just took off. One particular part of the garden could have been an island grotto or an ocean carving out the beach, and there was no water in the garden, it was symbolized by gravel. There was this really high round bridge that you could climb over, and I'm serious when I say climb...it was steep! Then, in the middle of the garden, with the sound of the waterfall in the background, was a little tea house, where my friend and I enjoyed oolong tea with japanese cookies and crackers. What does one talk about at a Japanese tea garden besides the beauty? Well, we talked about trust funds and things like that (nerdy I know, but interesting as well.)


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