02 February 2007

The Symphony

I went to my very first symphony ever a few weeks ago. I honestly was not sure if I would like it, but one of my friends is very fond of it, so I decided I'd go and give it a try. Wow!! It was amazing and so cool. The first "act" (for lack of knowledge of symphony terms) was a story about a guy who loses his first love, and is allowed to go to death to retrieve her, but can only bring her back if he does not look at her until they are back in life. Needless to say, he looks and loses her. It was really nice music although originally usic for a ballet, so I wasn't sure where in the story the music was. Relaxing though, and the conductor had a pink lined tail coat on, so when he moved certain ways it would flash...that was a bit distracting. I will admit that by admission, I decided I liked the symphony but was not really sold on it as a great thing. The second "act" proved to be so good, that I left the hall with that feeling you get after watching a good movie or reading a good book. The second part was, I think, Mozart's Mass in C minor, and it included a choir and some amazing (really) soloists. Almost opera in some ways but not. I had no clue anyone could sing one syllable of a word for so many measures, but it was so cool and fun!! There was one soloists who sat on stage for the whole thing, and only sang in the last song. His voice was amazing, but I couldn't help but think that he probably got paid more for sitting on the stage for one night of symphony than I get paid in 6 months.
There is also one other fascinating thing in symphonies. Definitely no talking (I mean it) and you really can't even cough or anything. it was crazy because at the end of each song, there would be a lot of coughing and sounds etc, but everyone must have waited until the end of each song to cough etc. Boy am I glad I didn't have to sneeze or something in the middle of the performance! I had a great time and am glad for the opportunity to experience this particular bit of culture. (By the way, I dressed up and everything and had an amazing dinner (high end pizza).


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