14 January 2007

Grandma Grace

This is a tribute to an amazing lady, Grandma Grace. She died shortly after Christmas which was sad, but I did get to go to the memorial, which meant a lot to me. She was an amazing lady. Whenever I stopped in to talk and say hi, she and the men would stop whatever they were doing and listen and talk as if I was the most important thing in their lives at that moment. No matter what job I have been in, or school or country, she was 100%supportive and always wanted to see pictures and hear about it. She had a heart for the world to come to know God personally, and always thought of others. It is partly from her teaching of my mom that we grew up with the outlook that there was always room for one more in the house, especially at dinner. She also loved life and was a huge practical joker. I will miss her but know that I will see her again someday. Really, if I could enjoy life and love that many people and treat everyone as if they were the most important thing at that moment, it would be a fitting tribute to her and all that she role modeled in my life.


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