27 October 2006

Sea Kayaking

SO, last week for my day off, a friend and I went sea kayaking. It was actually a sunny and warm day, which does not happen all that often in my town. So, we went up to the estuary, rented a tandem kayak (half the work kind of), and paddled about 12 miles through the estuary. There were all sorts of animals too. Lots of sea otters, pelicans and of course seagulls. We had been warned that there was one sea otter who liked to climb in the boat with you and um...chat, see if you had any food, etc. It was a fun day. At one point, about 10 feet off the side of the kayak, a sea otter head popped up, looked right at me, dived under and torpedoed toward the kayak. To say panic would be an overstatement but I was concerned, but the otter got almost to the boat and darted off the other way. Whew!


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