30 August 2006

The Birth of a new saying

Oh yes. We have a winner. We were at work one day, and to those who don't know, the room I work in has a tendency to collect the items other people don't want. This particular day I was in the walk in and my co-worker was facing away from the door, and next thing we know there is half a huge sheet cake in our room. No clue how it got there, but people kept dropping in to snag a peice. By the end of the night, we had moved it to the bottom of a rolling rack to get it out of the way, and one of the guys from banquet kitchen was visiting us. A server wanted a peice and went to get something to cut it with, while our visitor was leaning against the cart. As he was talking, he put his foot up onto the cart, right onto the cake. i can't imagine how that felt as it squished. Well, we all started laughing really hard, and the brave server came back and took her peice out of the non touched by shoe side. Now we have a new saying, instead of putting your foot in your mouth, you put your foot in the cake. I still laugh thinking about it!


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